Sindralic Venada

Human Wizard


Book of Venada
Chapter 1

My master once told me that ‘’All wizards, even the most powerful
masters of magic must overcome the ultimate challenge; themselves.’’
I didn’t know what that meant entirely until now. This is why
I write my thoughts into my tome, filled with my knowledge, my memories,
my life. The day I abid fairwell to this world I will leave my entire lifes
work and studies behind, but most importantly my heart. This tome is the
only fragment of my mind left unshattered and untarnished, only my eyes
and my eyes alone can unlock the secrets that dwell within these pages.
I am a seeker of knowledge, a young student with high potential and
a keen intellectual mind filled with endless creativity, but we all have
our weaknesses.
I was raised in Kaiven Grove a small town just outside of the kingdom
of Kaiven Rockhelm, the twisted high king of the eastern lands. For hundreds
of years my cult as provided knowledge and power to protect the throne
and civilians throughout the lands.
Disrespected for years by King Rockhelm’s so called predictions of his
blasphemy and slander against the cult of wizards plotting
to take over and rule the kingdom. Someone or something has taken hostage of
the kings thoughts or maybe paranoia and fear drove him mad from living in jealousy of our
wisdom and higher teachings of power.
With the right mind nothing is limited but even then there is still
a constant struggle from hungering more power, and exploring the inner
depths of the mind, conjuring a creation that no one as ever
thought possible. As they keep feeding their creative minds with forbidden knowledge,
insanity slowly creeps in eventually forceing the mind to collapse.
It corrupts the very essence of good, and turns it into something
maliciously evil with a lust for more.

Sindralic Venada

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